Emergency Oyster with Sensor


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Emergency Oyster with Sensor

Pure performance, this oyster emergency oyster with sensor is a smart work horse. This oyster light comes in a big base jam packed with great features. Lets start by talking about the emergency battery, this emergency oyster is SAA Approved to AS2293 with a 3 hour backup duration and test button. Along with the emergency, we include a motion sensor inbuilt in the unit, making this unit a “smart light” and power saving led light, it can be referred to as many things including time saver, power saver, smart lighting and more.

Emergency Oyster with Sensor – Our Main Features

  • Powerful yet extremely energy efficient 15W LED Light
  • Easy to install and screw on base
  • Surface Mounted Llight
  • Certified in accordance with AS2293.3 Australian Standards.
  • 3 years manufacturer’s warranty


DAYLIGHT SENSOR/ON AND OFF. Does not turn on if there is enough light in the area. You must install this light into low light areas such as fire stairs, or dark areas. Once somebody enters the area the light turns  on, when a person leaves (after 1 minute the light will auto turn off)

Why buy this Emergency Oyster with Sensor?

Forget the existing incandescent fixtures, the Emergency Oyster with Sensor provides high performance compared to even the LED spitfires in the market today over quality and price.

Reducing your running costs. This recessed spitfire light only uses 15W when switched on and less than <1W most of the time when there is no people in side the detection range. Now compare this to the older models which over 50-80W while on and is left on for longer periods of time without shutting off. It doesn’t seem like much, but it does add up quite quickly and could save you a lot of money yearly.

Reducing your maintenance Costs. This is one of the most important factors, LED lights do not need to be changed as often as incandescent fixtures if you are comparing our oyster to other LED oysters, then we have the following advantages, the fire contractors will not need to be in as frequently, it will actually lower your fees due to this reason, once upgraded to LED you will save money on both power bills and also contractor bills.

Emergency Oyster with Sensor – Specifications

Power UseOnly <1W (Stand-By) or 15W (Switched On)
Operating Voltage220 – 240 V AC
Battery TypeComes with Premium backup Battery 3 Hours Duration
DimensionsDriver & Battery Box: 120mm x 35mm x 25mm
Spitfire Light: 85mm on a small plate, 145mm on adapter plate
Weight0.6 kg (packaged weight 0.9kg)
ApplicationEvery building which is looking to save on lighting related bills, and go green

Certified to AS2293 with a D40 Classification

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Emergency Oyster with Sensor

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What about replacement batteries?

Replacement batteries are not available separately. If there is a failure within the warranty period of 3 years, a replacement fitting will be provided, if a failure occurs after this time, then you will need to purchase a new fitting, please note, these lights are rated for 100,000hrs. We provide a 3 year full fitting warranty, this warranty is longer than any other manufacturer in Australia for the same fitting.

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Emergency Oyster with Sensor

Emergency Oyster with Sensor