Exit Emergency Lighting

What is Exit Emergency Lighting?

Globex Lighting is an Australian manufacturer and supplier of high-quality exit emergency lighting fittings. Globex provides fast, free shipping on all exit emergency lighting products in Australia. 

We have the most extensive range of exit emergency lighting and cover various categories, including emergency lighting, exit lighting, batten lighting, floodlighting, and much more.

Globex lighting creates products that exceed the Australian standards, rules and regulations of the building and construction industry and manufacture products with the installers in mind.

Although our products are highly affordable, we have leading technology in every single fitting, such as high quality LED drivers and leading lithium battery technology.

All of the globex exit emergency lighting fittings come complete with installation instructions as well as screw packs and any other parts needed to complete your install.

What does AS2293 Australian Standard have to do with Exit Emergency Lighting?

AS2293.3, the Australian standards for emergency and escape lighting is the building code law for all emergency lighting products in Australia. 

Every product manufactured in the emergency lighting category must adhere to these strict guidelines. Globex Lighting products don’t just meet the strict guidelines. Most of our product range exceeds the standards by almost two times. Our products are frequently known to double the Australian standard.

At Globex Lighting, we manufacture products to cover every single range of the Australian standards. Technical data sheets, test reports, approval certificates are available on request for every single product.

The primary purpose of the AS2293 is to guide people through a safe evacuation plan in case of emergencies such as power outages or worse.

What categories make up the exit emergency lighting range?

To understand all of the products that make up the exit emergency lighting range, we have two first look at the most common types of exit emergency lighting products. 

1. The Exit Light – The exit light is the more common type of emergency lighting product you would see in a building and is often the first type of emergency or escape light visibly seen. 

These are well-sized unmistakable light fittings with a green diffuser base that has a running Man either by itself or followed with a directional arrow. Previously, they used to have the word EXIT on older Australian Standards.

2. The Emergency Light – The emergency light is more commonly found in a building than exit lights. These lights are small emergency downlights spread throughout every building on every floor, which activates once the building power is cut out. 

This creates light guidance towards the green exit lights and helps with the emergency evacuation procedure in place. Without an emergency light in the building, once the power cuts out, it will be very dark, and people will not see or guide themselves to the nearest exit.

3. Batten lighting – Batten lighting are standard in places such as offices, car parks and hallways. Not every batten light is an emergency light, in any case. A general rule of thumb is that every third light (for example) will be an emergency light as this will be enough light levels to get to safety. This is very general and not to be taken as advice. Your fire contractor or electrician will have to organise this.

Batten lighting can come in various forms and sizes, such as Diffused, Wireguard or Weatherproof, and 600mm, otherwise known as 2 foot and 1200 mm, otherwise known as 4 foot.

4. Emergency oyster lighting – emergency oyster lighting is quite common in applications such as hotels, office spaces, hallways and fire stairs. They tend to take a circle shape, although it is not always the case. These lights are usually maintained, meaning they are always on. Once the power cuts off, they will remain on at a lower Light level.

5. Floodlighting – flood lighting are twin spot light fittings that are installed usually where an emergency light cannot be installed either due to its installed position or due to the nature of the application. For example, flights are usually installed in sports halls, tennis courts and so on. 

6. Emergency Test Units – Emergency test units are an integral part of the emergency exit lighting categories, the reason being in larger installs where you’ll have exit and emergency lighting on different floors, the emergency test unit is used to cut off the exit emergency lights only while keeping the rest of the power on that floor active. This will allow the fire contractor or the electrician to comfortably go from floor to floor, testing the emergency lighting circuits without disrupting the tenants.

Are globex lighting great Exit Emergency Lighting suppliers?


Globex lighting lives and breathes exit emergency lighting. We provide some of the best emergency lighting products in Australia as well as unmatched service. We have knowledgeable sales staff ready to answer any questions regarding your exit emergency lighting jobs or upcoming projects. We also strongly believe that after-sales service is the key to making our customers happy and add to their business success. 

There are many rotating wheels when it comes to running a business in the exit emergency lighting industry, and glow backsliding does it better than any other company in Australia. We know that when you are running an installer’s business, every dollar counts. That is why we provide excellent pricing that will beat any quote in Australia and free express delivery to any part of Australia on every single item. 

The key to globex lighting success is our customers. And it is our duty to provide the best and fastest shipping routes that will bring our products to our customers as quick as possible. 

In addition to always providing free delivery, we have lighting design services for our customers and fast free quotations to work off your plans. These great benefits are only found here at Globex Lighting. 

To summarise the above:

  • Shipping Routes – Fastest in the country
  • Always free – Never Charge on shipping
  • After-sales – Warranty, Returns & Tech Info
  • Services – Lighting Designs, Quotations, Working off your plans
  • Customer-first policy – We go above and beyond to make sure our customers are happy


Warranty, Shipping and Returns on Exit Emergency Lighting.

Shipping – It’s no secret that we offer free fast delivery on all orders. You would have seen multiple banners all across this website. It is our duty as standard to have this implemented so our customers can have their products faster and complete their jobs quicker and onto the next one.

Warranty – We are known to have the best warranty in Australia when it comes to exit and emergency lighting. Other companies will try and claim the 3-year or 5-year warranty; however, one big distinction to this is the all-important battery. 

Batteries are known to age over time. The quality of batteries does deteriorate from manufacturer to manufacturer as the years go by. Globex Lighting has heavily invested in R&D of battery technology to minimise this from happening, which is why we are the only company in Australia that can offer you complete warranty on a fitting to match the product warranty. 

This means that if we offer you three years warranty on one of our emergency lights, that battery is covered for the three years as well. To check this with your current supplier, look at the fine writing on their warranty page. You will be surprised.

Returns – Globex Lighting has one of the fastest and easiest methods of returns. In the event, there is a faulty item that needs to be sorted out. We have a returns page in which you will fill out your purchase order number and upload a couple of images if possible or send an email advising of your current issue, whether it is a product defect or cause. 

Our smooth returns policy is on a case by case basis where the returns manager will craft a tailored solution. We take onboard deadlines, the job itself, and timing. We take our time to listen to the customer to ensure that every customer is satisfied after the returns process. This is why we don’t have a generic process otherwise known as a “sorry we cannot help you, one rule fits all” rule. We treat our customers with the respect that they deserve. 


Are there other places that I can learn more about exit emergency lighting? 


To learn more about exit emergency lighting not on this website, we can direct you to LSA Australia, where you can learn more about emergency and exit lighting spacing and diagrams. When you’re planning your next job, you can know the spacing requirements as per the AS2293. 

Also, if you want to learn more about the building code of Australia, we have provided you with the following link below, where you can get transfer to the BCA, also known as the building code of Australia, to learn more about the AS2293 and exit emergency lighting rules and regulations in Australia.

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