Emergency Lighting Quotation

One key feature that makes Globex Lighting stand out amongst other emergency lighting lighting suppliers is our excellent project/sales quotation page. This page is very  simple, yet very effective. If you already know your required quantities and product type but you will like a better price or want a more tailored solution such as an invoice. This is the right place for you. Our team work on project quotations daily and we have become quite good at helping our customers win jobs. We have the right products, the right pricing and the skill set to assist our customers in becoming successful. We know this to be true because of the sheer amount of complaints we receive from losing applicants that went with another company and also other companies contacting us directly with discomfort.

If you are after a quote that will help you get across the line. Look no further. Fill out the following and we will give you a quote back the same day with a winning quote!

If you wish to provide your quote request directly to our email. Contact us today at sales@globexlighting.com.au.

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